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At Bede Events, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best events in equestrian sport. We put our hearts and souls into delivering first-class eventing, and a weekend to remember for all who visit. This wouldn’t be possible without our hard-working, dedicated team.

Stuart Buntine

Stuart is the man at the heart of Bede Events. Day-to-day, he deals with sponsorship, setting up event venues and course designing and building. At our events, Stuart has the responsibility of ensuring everything runs smoothly. He specialises in coming up with brand new hair-brained ideas and sourcing new avenues for the business - and the sport - to grow.

Anna Buntine

Anna is the friendly point of contact for volunteers, officials and judges in the run-up to our events. She is also in charge of organising the deployment of each event, and running the company accounts. In her (limited!) spare time, Anna enjoys spending time with her family.

Sophie Pollard
Event Manager

Sophie is a crucial piece of the puzzle for pulling events together. She organises trade stands and contractors, as well as overseeing the day-to-day event administration. Sophie has a passion for eventing, and competes outside of work, too.

Rowann Raynor
Office Assistant

Rowann keeps everything moving along by taking care of general office duties and admin for all of our events. She also assists Anna in dealing with officials and volunteers. Rowann especially enjoys being on site at the events, and riding her own horses.

Entries Secretary

Vanessa takes in the entries from all our superstar riders for BE and FEI events, as well as our unaffiliated events and Winter Series. She is also responsible for live scoring at both Bede Events and other SRS events. Vanessa is a huge music fan and loves going to gigs.

Georgie Dickinson
Commercial, Marketing & Sponsorship

Georgie is Bede’s resident marketing guru. She oversees everything to do with the commerciality and branding of our events, as well as arranging and organising sponsors. In her spare time, Georgie loves spending time with her dogs.

Shane Speak
Resident Course Builder

Shane is the newest member of our team after starting his training in early 2018. He is in charge of ground care at Shelford and Newton Cross Country Course, and also assists course builders at events. Outside of work, Shane enjoys spending time with his daughter and horses.


Stuart Buntine of Bede Events and Alec Lochore of Musketeer Event Management have joined forces to launch an excellent array or prizes across all levels of the sport. Alec and Stuart are excited to be working together to produce opportunities for followers and supporters of eventing.

For more information, please visit: www.tristareventing.co.uk
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