A look ahead to Osberton International 2018 with Alycia Port
Following the success of Osborne House Trials in July, LCF is proud to be title sponsors in the upcoming Osberton International Horse Trials this September. With less than 3 weeks to go, we caught up with one of our youngest sponsored riders, Alycia Port, to find out how her preparation is going ahead of the event and learn how she balances life as an aspiring equestrian rider and a career in the City of London.
London Capital & Finance Osborne Horse Trials Roundup
Find out all about the inaugural Osborne Horse Trials
Must-see: We Bring A Brand New Format of Eventing to London Capital & Finance Osborne Horse Trials
Be part of equestrian history this summer, as we introduce a brand new format of eventing at London Capital & Finance Osborne Horse Trials!
Blink and You’ll Miss Them! Check Out the Ones to Watch at London Capital & Finance Osborne Horse Trials
Riders will come from far and wide to compete at London Capital & Finance Osborne Horse Trials in a new, fast-paced format of eventing. We’ve narrowed down 5 must-see eventers that you won’t want to miss out on.
4 Places You Must Visit At Osborne House
In just over a week, we’ll be heading to Osborne House on the Isle of Wight for our brand new event, London Capital & Finance Osborne Horse Trials. A former royal residence of Queen Victoria, the stately home is steeped in history, and one of the island’s most popular tourism hot-spots. Ticketholder’s will have a unique opportunity to explore Osborne in the midst of sporting history being made – here are the top 4 things you have to see while you’re there.
We catch up with one of Belton’s longest running traders, Sporting Choice!
Local brand Sporting Choice have exhibited at Belton Horse Trials since the year 2017 Grantham Cup winner Izzy Taylor was born. The event was very different in 1983, and wasn’t ran by the Bede Events team, but luckily for us, Sporting Choice have always supported Belton. We caught up with Sue from Sporting Choice ahead of their 35th year at Belton.
8 things you (probably) didn’t know about gin
As a nation we bought 47 million bottles of the stuff last year and the so-called ‘Ginaissance’ is well and truly on. We’re giving the public what they want at Belton Horse Trials in April, where we’ll be opening our very own Gin Den featuring brands from up and down the country! Here’s 8 things you may not know about our new favourite tipple.
10 things you may not know about eventing
The sport of eventing is steeped in over a century of history, and has given us a lot of memorable moments along the way. Before we head back for our 13th year running Belton, we thought we’d bring you some facts you may not know about our much-loved sport.
Five Reasons to Get Your Belton Tickets NOW!
There’s only a few days to go until we return to Belton House for the Belton International Horse Trials! From Friday 13th – Sunday 15th of April we’ll be running a programme of first-class dressage, show-jumping and cross country, as well as some amazing attractions such as Dog Agility Shows, Dressage Demos and over 120 shops. Ticket sales have exceeded all expectations this year, and we’re now down to the last few batches.
It all began at Belton! Check out where our previous Grantham Cup winners are now
This weekend, we will see riders from around the world compete to win the 13th Grantham Cup. The prestigious prize is the main event at Belton International Horse Trials, taking place on Sunday 15th of April this year. Previous winners have gone on to achieve greatness – let’s take a walk down memory lane and relive the moments we crowned our winners, and what they’ve got up to since.
Relive the magic! We take a look back at last year’s Grantham Cup
3rd place: French, Piggy. 2nd place: Todd, Mark. 1st place: Taylor, Izzy “It’s Taylor in front, Izzy Taylor is just ahead of Mark Todd… This is so close, can she do it? Yes she can! Izzy Taylor wins the 2017 Grantham Cup! The first British winner in 5 years!”