Blog 8 things you (probably) didn’t know about gin
8 things you (probably) didn’t know about gin
10 April 2018
8 Things Gin
  1. Gordon’s has remained the best-selling brand of gin for the last 3 years. After a dip in 2014, the brand clawed its way back to the top spot and aren’t showing any signs of moving – especially after the launch of their now-infamous pink gin.
  2. The success of Gordon’s is likely down to the fact that their recipe has never changed. Despite being founded almost 250 years ago, the company have made no alterations. The full recipe is top secret, and only known by 12 people in the world.
  3. The country with the world’s highest gin per-capita consumption is surprisingly the Philippines, estimated at around 25 million cases consumed annually – and we thought Brits loved it!
  4. According to experts, the best way to taste gin is at room temperature, diluted with an equal measure of water. This supposedly reveals both the qualities and the flaws of the spirit.
  5. The most expensive bottle of gin retails at around £2,000 for 700ml. There are only six bottles of Watenshi, made by The Cambridge Distillery, released in the UK every year.
  6. In 1726, it was cited that there were 6,287 places to buy gin in London. That’s twice the number of coffee shops there are in the city today.
  7. There are more classic cocktails made with gin than with any other spirit. Examples include the Tom Collins, French 75 and Negroni – but that’s just the start of a very, very long list!
  8. London Dry Gin doesn’t necessarily have to be distilled in the capital (in fact, only a handful are), but distillers do have to follow certain guidelines for their gin to be classed as ‘London Dry’.

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