Blog Behind the scenes at BEDE during lock down!
Behind the scenes at BEDE during lock down!
14 April 2020
Flood Bank At The Office

I am sitting at my desk, in what should have been the middle of a very busy time, when in fact we have closed down completely due to the corona virus. With all our staff furloughed for the foreseeable future and no prospect of sport it truly is a unique time.

I trust that you are all safe and well, managing to have some degree of normality in your life, or not as the case may be. With total lock down we are in the very fortunate position to be based on the farm so restrictions are prohibiting us from leaving the farm. It is a time when we are able to catch up on all the hundreds of jobs that have been mounting up for years! I must admit to be the recipient of a growing list from Anna of jobs to do….a husbands nightmare!

It is also a very good time to take stock of where we are and where we are going. I am sure that when we return to the sport there will be many differences and changes to enable us to resume sport with some degree of social distancing still in place. I read an very good piece on social media this week end

Before you rush back to normality, work out which bits of normality you want to rush back too!

It is certainly worth a little while working out what we are really missing and what we can do without. For those of you that run frantically through the season, having this enforced ‘down time’ means that we are able to live a little less close to the brink than we normally do!

On the bright side we are working hard at modelling the sport in different guises so that when we are able to re-start we are able to run in line with anticipated restrictions that will still be in place. We are looking forward to Osberton as this will be the first chance for us to see if we can run significant events within social distancing rules! Not quite sure how we deal with the bar in the evenings though! There is a lot of room at Osberton so we are able to spread out a bit and hopefully provide a degree of normality!

Do stay safe and take care. Roll on recovery

Kind regards