Blog Stuart gives us an update on with 4 weeks to go...
Stuart gives us an update on with 4 weeks to go...
2 March 2020

When it started raining here on the 21st September last year and continued through to the end of the season I was very ‘cocky’ saying that law of averages meant that we would have a dry spring! Oh how silly one can be – having arrived back from Australia we have seen Ciara and Denis come through leaving devastation in their wake. Whilst we were ‘flooded in’ for 4 days, I was very pleased I have a flood bank; however, we were a little worried when water started coming up through the ground! We were very glad to see the levels drop. How I feel for the poor people in the west.

I cannot believe the water standing everywhere. We have got all the fences out at Oasby, it is flagged and numbered, but waiting with bated breath to see what the week ahead holds! Please spare a thought for the teams of course builders out in this weather trying to prepare courses for the season.

The good news is Thoresby is looking so good. We have nearly all the permanent fences built, a little more to do to finish the water jump and all the portables on site for placing. We are so lucky to have such great ground, whilst the low-lying fields are a little wet, we can drive over the rest of the estate in a normal vehicle. With the forecast turning in the right direction we are looking forward to three great days of competition.

We are all coming to terms with the new BE entry system, whilst it is having the inevitable teething issues we are all hoping that these will be soon ironed out. I would not wish to be working in the office at the moment as they will be under so much pressure with the new system and all the cancellations.

I feel for the team at Stafford, how brave of them to make the call so early. I well know the fears that we go through when entries are low. It is a real worry for the sport that this is happening, after several events falling foul to the same issues in 2019. No one can afford the huge losses that many events face when entries are low, I do hope this is not a sign of things to come. BE must address the issues of membership as we are now running to capacity as far as events are concerned but if the membership does not bounce there will be some serious consequences.

I am lobbying BE, BS and BD to get their medical cover requirements in line with each other. It makes no sense that one can run a day of dressage for DB, with one set of requirements, and yet if we run a day of dressage for BE the medical cover costs upwards of £500 more. Please can we have some agreement as to the acceptable requirements.

Lets hope that we get some sport this week