Belton Horse Trials incorporating the Lycetts Grantham Cup

3rd - 5th April 2020


Bede Events Ltd

Entries Secretary

BEDE Events Ltd
Phone: 01949 829061
Mobile: 07464 803781 (on the day only)

Event Secretary

BEDE Events Ltd
Phone: 01949 829 061


CCI4*-S, CCI3*-S, Advanced, Au25, Intermediate, Open Intermediate, OIu21, Novice & ONu18

Course Maps

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FEI Schedule

*Competitors in International Classes Only - please note in addition to your entry fee at the time of entry you will be charged an extra fee. This is charged by the FEI for the Worldwide Equine & Human Anti-Doping Program. This fee will be refunded in full if your entry is withdrawn.
The updated FEI schedule will be available soon

Entries Open Date

11th February 2019

Late Entry Surcharge Date

22nd March 2019

Ballot Date

26th February 2019 at 12pm
Please read the FEI Classes Ballot Statement here before you enter.
See the BE Classes Ballot Statement 2018 here

Withdrawals & Queries

Withdrawals in writing to

  • Owners/Riders with horses running at Belton will gain entry with their BE Membership Card. Please present the QR code at the gate, this will allow all occupants of the vehicle into the event.
  • Non-BE registered Owners and Riders should contact to arrange passes, by Monday 18th March 2019
  • Please note that Horsebox passes are not required at Belton
  • Each rider will be entitled to up to 2 additional free passes and further passes at discounted rates. These will be available by emailing by Wednesday 11th April. These will only be issued to riders competing at Belton. Refunds for grooms and other connections will not be given as these free tickets are available in advance.
Event Location

Lorries and Trailers, please use postcode NG32 2LS
Cars, please use postcode NG31 9SQ

Hotels and B&B’s

There are many hotels and B&B’s in the surrounding area. We recommend -
- The Ramada Grantham
- Honington Grange
- Thorns Farm Leisure

Course Information

Course Designers for Belton 2019 are Stuart Buntine (Cross Country) and Beau Woods (Show Jumping)


Show Jumping warm-up policy – The stewards will stick to the timetabled slots as much as possible but please ALWAYS check with them before warming up (and preferably before coming down to the ring). They will always endeavour to get ahead of schedule if at all possible. Where there are gaps (withdrawals or just plain gaps in the timings) then it may be possible for riders to slot in a certain extent, but not out of section. This system has been implemented to ensure sections run according to times.

Unaffiliated Dressage

BEDE Winter Series Unaffiliated Dressage 2019
Sunday 31st March 2019


Please Note

Entries for all classes may be limited, and will be accepted on a first come first served basis. Classes 1 & 2 are open to all horses and riders at that respective level. In the event of large entries, priority will be given to those who have qualified for the Championships. Classes 3 & 4 are classes for horses and riders who have qualified through the Winter Series at Brackenhurst 2018/2019. There will be prize money awarded for Classes 3 & 4 and prizes in kind for Classes 1 & 2. Classes 3 & 4 will have prize giving in the Main Arena, and receipt of prizes is dependent on attendance at prize giving.

Entries close Wednesday 20th March 2019

Please Note

Horseboxes and cars enter Belton via separate entrances (see location page). Horseboxes do not require passes. Cars will not be permitted into the Horsebox Park, and must enter by the car entrance which is chargeable (discounts are available online).


This competition will run in accordance with British Eventing and British Dressage rules. All competitors must wear hats to current PAS 015, EN1384 or ASTM F1163 with either a Kite Mark or SEI at all times when mounted. Correct dress is required for all classes.

The Inter-Hunt Relay

Sunday 31st March 2019

The hunt relay competition rules are broadly as follows:

  • Each team to comprise of three members
  • All horses, runners and riders to have hunted regularly during 2018/19 season
  • Full hunting attire to be worn
  • The winning team will be the team completing in shortest time
  • 20 seconds will be added to the completed time for each knock down
  • Jumps will be approximately 1m

Teams will be required to proceed through start flags (time will be taken as the first horse crosses the line).

The first team member can proceed around the course, once the course has been completed the first team member will then hand his whip to the second team member, who will complete the course, and hand the whip to the third member.

Once the third member completes the course the time will be taken when the last horse crosses the line.

The course will include some or all of the following: solid and knock down rails, hedges, footbridge.

The chase fence must be jumped the correct way. All other jumps can be jumped either way.

Judge’s decision is final. No protest will be heard until a non-refundable cash sum of £500 is lodged with the Event Director (if you can catch him!!)