Nags Essentials Gate Jumping

Nags Essentials Gate Jumping

After years of success and enjoyment, Gate Jumping returns for yet another year of action, kindly sponsored by Nags Essentials.

The widely-loved competition sees riders attempt to jump gates without knocking them down. If the gate falls, competitors can buy themselves a tie - at the discretion of the commentator - by removing an item of clothing (crash hats cannot be removed). The rider who can jump the highest gate whilst keeping their clothes on will be crowned as our winner!

When - Sunday 30th September

Entries Secretary - BEDE Events, Cottage 5, Manor Lane, Shelford, Notts, NG12 1ES

New Rules:

Horses competing must not have over 400 British Showjumping points (limits horses to not have competed over newcomers (1.10))

Horses that have won more than 3 BEDE Events Gate Jumping competitions will not be eligible (riders may compete on a different horse)