Ridersmate is a safety product currently used within the mountain biking industry. BEDE Events would like to introduce this product into the equestrian market.

The Ridersmate is an advanced, compact GPS tracking devise, that in the eventuality of a fall while out riding, you can be found and your horse can be tracked! Ridersmate could save your LIFE!

With Ridersmate, you can ride anywhere, with the security that comes from knowing your loved ones will automatically be notified about the location of you, and your horse, in the event of an accident.

Ask yourself…
Do you ride out on your own?
Do you ride in remote areas, with little signal?
Do your children hack on their own?
If these apply, then YOU NEED a Ridersmate!
The most important question: What happens if there’s a serious accident, how, who and when is someone going to find you?
The Ridersmate can answer this for you.

Head to Ridersmate’s website for further information https://www.ridersmate.com/horse-rider


  • Independence & Peace of mind
  • Confidence to ride alone wherever and whenever you go
  • Durable & lightweight design
  • Can be used as an anti-theft devise for trailer, tackroom etc
  • Advanced tracking technology
  • 18 hour battery life
  • Upload and share your hacking routes with an online Ridersmate community