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We are excited to be the first event to run in 2021, with the Elite event at Oasby, followed by a full compliment of events for the 2021 season. With a portfolio of 9 British Eventing Affiliated events throughout the UK, BEDE Events can offer an extensive range of opportunities from Grass Roots level through to Elite Riders.

Over these 9 events, we engage with audiences of over 20,000 people with a social reach of over 1.2m and facilitates an 'at event' spend of over £1.2m per year. 

Please use the buttons above to view our brochures, and enjoy the video below, which captures the essence of our sport. We look forward to working with you and please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. 

BEDE Events was established in 2003 by Stuart and Anna Buntine. Today the business owns and manages 9 British Eventing affiliated events through the UK and are viewed as market leaders in the industry.

Over these 9 events, BEDE engages with audiences of over 20,000 people with a social reach of over 1.2m and facilitates an 'at event' spend of over £1.2m per year.


BEDE Events form long term sponsor relationships to maximise the benefit for our commercial partners. Current sponsors include Lycetts, Suzuki and Saracen Horse Feeds

If you would like to discuss sponsorship at a BEDE event please email georgie@bedeltd.co.uk or call 01949 829061 or 07717 412167.


Would you like to showcase your brand to over 20,000 people or have a private dining experience whilst watching Olympic athletes? We have a wide variety of unique corporate experiences that can delight your customers or help you engaged with new ones. Our unique venues and world class sport provide the perfect foundation for bespoke and innovative commercial partnerships.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can help. If you would like to discuss partnerships at a BEDE event please email georgie@bedeltd.co.uk or call 01949 829061 or 07717 412167.


BEDE Events operate 3 major events - The Eventing Spring Carnival, Firle Place Country Show & Horse Trials and Osberton Young Horse Championships - with up to 120 retail facilities at each event. Demand is very high for these events and applications are welcomed by completing the application form.

If you wish to apply for a trade stand at one of our events, please click here.

Sponsor Spotlight – Protexin Equine Premium

In this issue we catch up with Kate Rouse, Marketing Manager for our fantastic sponsor Protexin to find out more about their superb range of supplements.

Tell us about the Protexin Equine Premium range?

Somerset based company ADM Protexin has specialised in the research and manufacture of probiotic products for animals and humans for over 25 years.

Protexin established its reputation in the equestrian market through its Equine Premium range, a collection of probiotics and prebiotics developed to protect and support the horse’s digestive system in specific circumstances.  Gut problems can affect everything from temperament to performance, as well as long-term health and wellbeing.  Horse owners are increasingly keen to look at natural ways to support and enhance their horse’s health and research shows that probiotics are a fantastic way of maintaining a healthy gut.

The Protexin Equine Premium range provides a complete range of gut health and joint products for the equestrian market. Leading products in the range include Gut Balancer, Acid Ease, Quick Fix and our recently launched supplement for older horses, Fifteen Plus.

What are the most popular products for event horses?

Acid Ease

Acid Ease is a unique, concentrated, palatable combination of calcium and magnesium carbonate, fibre, kaolin, amino acids and Protexin probiotics and prebiotics. Presented as a palatable dandelion flavoured powder, Acid Ease is suitable to calm excess acid in all horses and weaned foals.

Acid Ease contains the antacids calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, as well as kaolin, pectin and L-threonine which together act to buffer excess acid and soothe the gut lining. The probiotic Saccharomyces cerevisiae contains numerous essential amino acids, vitamins, including vitamin B6, and important minerals such as Iron and Magnesium. The high quality fibres – pectin and psyllium help make this a superior product, and in combination with S. cerevisiae they promote the production of nutrients which support the gut lining.  Acid Ease has no nutritional or energy value and can be fed with any diet.

Quick Fix

Quick Fix is an ideal product to use when travelling. It is an oral paste containing the same pro and prebiotic as the Protexin Equine Premium Gut Balancer but at twice the concentration and can be given in conjunction with the Gut Balancer. We would recommend a strategy of 10ml 12 hours prior to travel, 10ml half an hour before loading and then 10ml as you arrive at the show/location.

The effect of this regime can help to ‘settle’ what we would think of as nervous butterflies with the added benefit that there is no ‘calmer’ effect so horses remain alert which means it is a favoured method by many of the professional yards, particularly eventers and jumpers. 

Recover Aid

Recover Aid contains an effective combination of B vitamins, antioxidants, probiotics and prebiotics along with milk thistle to support liver function and can be used as a 'pick me up' for any horse.


  • As a post viral pick me up for either two weeks or four.
  • Following strenuous exertion as in a race or competition or following a long journey.
  • Pre-race or competition build up to ensure the horse is on top form.
  • Following a period of hospitalisation to help support recovery.


ADM Protexin are proud to be members of BETA and are NOPS accredited so you can be assured that all products within the Protexin Equine Premium range are fully compliant.

What are you most looking forward to this year for the brand?

The main thing we are most looking forward to is being able to get back out on the road and see our customers! For most of the last year our team of 5 Territory Managers have been working from home and keeping in contact with their accounts that way. They have done an amazing job but we are a social lot and love being able to see people and their horses and help them with our amazing products!  We are back out visiting for outside appointments at the moment and it is so lovely to see everyone.